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background of Thai spices

Holy basil - can be distinguished by it's purple flower and the leaves has a slight spice cinnamon like flavor.


Galangal (kha) - is a type of ginger used in Thai cuisine. Also galangalreferred to as Siamese ginger, it has a slightly milder taste than the commonly known ginger and can be distinguished by it's reddish skin.

Lemon grass(Takhrai) - provides a fragrant and distinct lemon lemon grass flavorflavor. Is usually cut and added to soups to add the flavor.


Kaffir lime leaves - are found with Kaffir limes. Very different from kaffir leaveslimes that you would find in North America can be distinguished but it's knobby exterior. It's leaves are usually a common ingredient found in Thai cuisine used in soups, curries to impart a lime flavor.

Thai bird chilies - very hot pepper used in Thai cuisine. Usually very Thai chili pepperssmall and can range in color from red to green.


Ginger - widely known through out North America has unique gingerpeppery flavor.


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helloello and welcome to Gah Bua Kham Thai restaurant. We hope that you will join us for a night of great authentic Thai food and an atmosphere that's unforgettable. Our family opened Gah Bua Kham hoping to share some of our very own recipes with you. The owners Somsack and Khamsy Sengsavng came from Thailand to the United States over 20 years ago bringing with them the traditions and family recipes that will have you wanting more. So come hungry and willing to experience all that Thai food has to offer. Gah Bua Kham is a family restaurant and we hope that you'll join us for many years to come.